Arin Stroud
02 November 2015 @ 09:49 am
[OOC] Profile for Arin Stroud  
Character Name: Arin Stroud
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Class: 1-A
Height: 5’8” (173 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
Birthdate: November 11
Blood Type: O+
Hobbies: Reading, Video Games, Drawing, Movies, Football.
Favorite School Subject: Science.

Is your character a member of a team or club on campus?: 
Though he has some proficiency with Archery given his upbringing he also has an interest in learning Kendo but has mixed feelings about being actually involved in it officially.

Appearance: Arin doesn’t personally consider himself particularly tall on account of what he knows his family is capable of genetically and at his age knows he still has more growing to do (and he is impatient, particularly whenever he is standing beside his brother). He still has a bit of a baby face, enough to be considered somewhat feminine in its appearance, and he has been called ‘pretty’ more times than he can stand.

His hair has a tendency to fall into his eyes at times and rarely seems to want to behave and lay in an orderly fashion even when he tries to neaten it up. It is a bright shade of coppery red which brings out the golden tones in his hazel eyes. He shares the same high cheekbones and almost cat-like eyes that his ‘brother’ Kylar has though some of the harsher expressions he wears might actually be intentional. He still possesses a bit of an accent but it is less pronounced as he has lived in Japan longer. His grasp of the language is also better thanks to that as well.

Arin prides himself on his appearance, wearing his uniform at all times perfectly pressed and well-fitted. On his own time he is not shy about the fact that he prefers and is capable of affording the best in the latest fashions.

 To put it quite simply and honestly, Arin is a snob. He is well aware of his lineage and his station in life and embraces all of it, especially the sense of superiority it affords him. He wears it like armour and lets it absorb any negativity thrown his way, trying to live in the comfort of the idea that he has a fallback. When in doubt, someone can throw money at the problem. Surprisingly, those who manage to get past his haughty behaviour and potentially abrasive personality would find that he can be a rather nice friend. Under all the persona he has a good heart. He can just be a little shit more often than not. It’s an oddly vicious circle as he doesn’t necessarily want to be that way, but he doesn’t know much else. The concept of being proud of himself without venturing into snob territory is lost on him. Arin also has a bit of a temper and if verbal sparring doesn’t satisfy an issue he’s been known to pick an actual fight -- whether or not one would consider it befitting someone who considers himself as distinguished as he does.

Where Kylar is concerned he is not unkind though often enough he finds him to be a source of personal embarrassment despite the fact that Arin appears to be the younger of the two. He never abuses his power over him, even if Kylar is up to something he personally doesn’t approve of.

Arin enjoys having a good time but he is also good about minding his responsibilities as a student. He wants to do well and please his parents, not to mention shut down any grumbling his extended family back home might be doing considering he was being schooled in Japan, rather than in the prestigious institutions in his native country. He also has a deep interest in folklore that stems from the many stories handed down through his family (not to mention his closest companion being a fae creature) as well as the strange and exotic ones he’d read about online that were believed in Japan.

 Arin’s father received a job that took him and the family away from their native Scotland while he was still very young. The transition to Japanese primary school was a struggle at first but eventually he began to grasp the language and the routines. He still retains some of his concerns about being a foreigner and whether or not he will be judged more harshly because of it.

It was mostly Arin’s idea to ask for Kylar to come with him and enroll at the same high school. He’d always been fascinated with the idea of having the supernatural so close and familiar and he had missed that in the years since his family had moved. Everyone who lived in the Stroud household knew what Kylar really was, of course, and because of it Arin considered that to be as normal as anything else. When he had looked into Kikuryou he was excited to have come across the rumours associated with the school. While his parents appreciated the reputation of the school otherwise, Arin was more excited about the fact that something strange might be afoot. He knew fantastic creatures really existed and he is among those who truly believes there is probably far more than meets the eye at the school as well. Assuming like might attract like (or at the very least Kylar might have the ability to better discover anything potentially lurking), he convinced his parents but wisely left out the part about his exact plans.

In his excitement he never paused to consider that Kylar had never been to high school before, let alone a Japanese high school, but being impulsive was his right as a fourteen year old, right? He also may or may not have had the idea of suggesting Kylar join the swim team.

Does your character have any kind of unusual powers?: Arin is for all intents and purposes a completely normal, average boy. He possesses a greater knowledge of magic, the supernatural and paranormal things, but he would never consider that a ‘power’ as much as a circumstance of being a member of his family. He has a heightened sensitivity to the presence of spirits or non-human entities but he doesn’t have the ability to see or hear them (unless they want to be seen and deliberately make their presence known. He pretty much attributes that to his upbringing as well; living in close quarters with something like Kylar is bound to make you more aware of what else might be out there.

Living Situation: Arin lives in the student dorms as his next closest family outside of Kylar lives in Tokyo.

Relation: Arin is a potentially difficult person to get along with initially, but as it’s been said he does have a warm, nougat-y centre inside the prickly exterior and the attitude. Ultimately he wants to succeed and has the sense to try and avoid digging himself into anything too deeply if it might jeopardize that. Or at least as much sense as a kid his age can be expected to have. He knows he has three years to spend at Kikuryou and would hate for them to be a solitary, miserable existence. Besides, he needs lackeys people to help him further investigate anything strange and exciting.
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